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Empowering You with Meaning-Driven AI.

Enterprise solutions backed by 15 years of deep R&D protected by 160 patents.

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At Primal, we envision an AI future that’s rooted in meaning, with contextualized insights and experiences customized to individual needs.

We engineer solutions that overcome the problems of bias, incompleteness, and hallucinations that plague many AI systems.

The result: businesses make better decisions, processes are more efficient, and experiences are more relevant.

Primal Solutions

For Developers & Data Scientists

Enhance products and solutions with Primal’s DaaS platform. Our neural-symbolic technology tackles AI limitations with context-rich data like knowledge graphs, embeddings, semantic tags, and taxonomies. Generate data on-demand or offline, seamlessly integrating with LLMs and ML systems.

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For SMEs

We’re gearing up to release Primal-powered apps and plug-ins on major platforms across multiple industries. These user-friendly tools are like plug-and-play upgrades, designed to bring extra value to platform users.

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