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Data That Computers Understand.

The Synthetic Semantic Data Company.

Gartner states that “companies must adopt a semantic approach or face losing the battle for competitive advantage.”

Combining the best of knowledge graph technologies with the latest advancements in deep learning, Primal can generate semantic data automatically in real time; a significant competitive advantage over human-crafted and semi-automated approaches.

Primal’s disruptive technology is built on several years of extensive foundational and applied research and is disclosed in a portfolio of 152 international patents with 130 granted to date.

Primal Products

DaaS Platform for Developers

Primal‘s synthetic semantic engine is available to developers looking for semantic data to power their products and solutions. It includes resources to support Semantic Search and Recommendation Engines directly.

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Product Integrations
in Leading Platforms

Primal-powered purpose-built product integrations, apps, and plug-ins will be launched in some of the world’s most important platforms. These will deliver the power of Primal in easy-to-use, plug-and-play add-ons that will deliver added value to each platform’s customers.