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Automated Content Curation Your Readers Will Love: A WordPress Plugin That Uses Your Interest Graph

Engage your readers with great content that expresses your interests!

Primal for WordPress uses Primal’s powerful interest graph and content filtering technology to give your readers relevant and timely content that’s tailored to each individual page you create.

Features and Differences

The Primal for WordPress plugin keeps your reads engaged, while reflecting your unique voice. It delivers real-time news, videos, and information from the web, tailored to each individual page and post you create.

We’re using Primal for WordPress on our own blog. In this example, note how the recommended content from Primal reflects and supports our blog post.


How to Install the Plugin

So that’s pretty cool, but how were we able to get to that point?

Building rich interest graphs, and finding just the right information that you care about from around the web for every given page within your blog, sounds pretty complicated, but Primal for WordPress makes it simple!

Head over to our Primal for WordPress plugin page and review the brief Installation notes.

Need Help?

Our team is at your disposal. See our Support page for how to reach us.

And if you’d like to learn more about how to create your own Primal-powered solution, check out our developers site.