Content Recommender

Primal’s Content Recommender for Hootsuite finds multitudes of highly relevant content that matches your brand’s personality and interests.

Primal’s AI learns about your brand by looking at your recent posts on Twitter, and then goes to the end of the internet and back to find content that can be queued up for use on your social media channels. Best of all, it’s all available in your Hootsuite feeds and ready to be posted or scheduled with just a click.

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Intelligent Assistants. Powered by Primal

Deliver unique and relevant content to each of your followers automatically.

Primal’s Intelligent Assistant for Twitter looks at what your followers tweet and retweet. When your follower tweets about something related to one of the interests of your brand, the Intelligent Assistant finds a relevant article - either from your own content store or from quality internet sources - and tweets the article directly to them.

Your followers will be amazed by this highly personalized service. Get ready to see a significant increase in retweets and an acquisition rate of new followers faster than ever before!

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Continually Engage Your Audience

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Twitter post: Vacation California. Image of teen skateboarding
Twitter post: The Science Lab. Image of DNA molecule
Twitter post: Downtown Music. Image of woman playing cello