Content Service


The quickest and easiest way to get personalized content from Primal.

Data Service

Getting Started

An easy walk-through to get your Primal account setup and teach you how to make your first call to Primal’s Data Service.

Reference Guide

All of the details you need about to know about the calls that you can make to Primal’s Data Service.


Learn about important elements of interacting with Primal’s Data Service including: how to authenticate your call, how to construct high-quality topic URIs, and how to work with custom content sources.

Understanding the JSON Response

An interactive guide to understanding all the elements of the JSON response returned from Primal’s Data Service.

Error Codes

Additional details and resolutions for some of the possible error codes that the Data Service can return you.


API Reference

A RESTful API for interacting with all aspects of your Primal account, including topic management, content source management & advanced user/account management calls.

Sample Code


Explore a sample application built with Ruby for accessing Primal’s Data Service API and working with the results.

Looking for more help that you’re not finding here? Reach out and contact us and we’ll be glad to get you started using Primal effectively in your applications.