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Social Media Analysis using your Interest Graph

News alert! Your social network wants to get to know you. Unfortunately, identifying and understanding your interests based on 140 characters is pretty hard to do! That’s why marketers are busy trying everything to get to know you better.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how Primal can be used to power social media analysis. This demos highlights tweets about topics you are interested in and helps you discover related topics that people are tweeting about right now!

Solution Overview

This app uses Primal’s AI to explore topics of interest in real time. The app allows you to:

  • enter a topic of interest,
  • see and explore related topics, and;
  • discover Twitter content related to those topics.

Let’s look at an example:

An issue that is trending this week is “hormone therapy.” We can use the app to explore the twitterverse around this topic.

First, we enter hormone therapy. Primal analyzes the topic in real-time and return a collection of related tweets along with a graph of your interests. What we see first is the interest graph:

Here we can see that hormone therapy has automatically expanded to find the related terms testosterone and replacement therapy.

Each of those has expanded to find more terms relevant to what people are currently tweeting about. While there are other terms possibly related to hormone therapy, the app is working only with terms it finds are related to recent Twitter activity.

Next we see a selection of tweets relevant to the interest – hormone therapy:

The app has taken the hormone therapy topic and expanded it to include testosterone replacement therapy, which is what people have recently been tweeting about. Note that none of the tweets include the term hormone therapy.

If we want to explore a different topic on the interest graph, such as the relationship between diabetes and hormone therapy, we can simply click on the icon beside the term diabetes. This will resubmit the hormone therapy term along with diabetes to further enrich the interest graph.

The resulting graph is much richer:

Getting Started

If you’d like to build your social media analytics solutions, check out our developers site to get started.