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Engage smartly with your Twitter followers, at scale

Do you manage your company’s Twitter account and wish you had time to engage with each of your followers regularly?

Are you looking to increase your overall impressions, but don’t want to waste money on sponsored posts that don’t hit the mark?

Now you can easily send content to your Twitter followers that is personalized just for them. You’ll see a dramatic increase in likes, retweets, and replies, extending your organic reach and increasing impression count.

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    Increase likes, retweets, replies and impressions on Twitter

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How the Intelligent Assistant for Twitter works

The Intelligent Assistant for Twitter actively monitors your Twitter followers and looks for opportunities to send them meaningful content. When one of your followers posts a tweet that matches your brand’s interests, the Intelligent Assistant will source a relevant article and reply to your follower automatically, or hold it in queue for you to review and post.

It plays by Twitter’s terms of service and won’t put your brand at risk.

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Monthly subscriptions are based on number of Twitter followers:

Tier Followers Price
Tier 1 1–1000 followers

$39.99 USD / month

Tier 2 1001-5000 followers

$59.99 USD / month

Tier 3 5001-10,000 followers

$99.99 USD / month

Tier 4 10,000+ followers Contact us for pricing

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